Tuesday, May 19, 2009

must watch!!

aku suggest korang tgok la cite ne gle best


Jun-su is a popular but rebellious 19-years old. One day, his parents give him an ultimatum, leaving him alone in the house to rehabilitate his life. He doesn't mind the independence until a six-month-old baby Wooram is delivered to his doorstep. He has no choice but to care for Wooram and attend to his demand for breast milk. Where can he find a nanny?

p/s: cite ne best gle..budak Wooram tu sgt pandai berlakon seyh, kalu nak tw download kt mne cite tu email aku k..fatinyaya@gmail.com.. mesti tgok tw!!

mamat JUN-SU tu handsome weyh!!

2 ♥fatin♥:

alyyani said...

waah peminat cite korea rupenye. bole gang dgn adik beradik alya la. bole bgtau my siblings la cite ni bes! ;)

fatinyaya said...

hehe,,msti suro diorg tgk tw..best sgt..